Helping Clients Choose a Granite Slab for Their GTA Homes

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Clients across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are starting to realize that a granite slab or two is the perfect addition to their home renovation. It’s a beautiful natural stone that will keep its colour and resist scratches and stains. With the right home renovation team, and a little persuasion for those that are uncertain which stone is best, your clients will have those gorgeous countertops, floors, fireplaces, walls, and whatever else they can imagine.

Helping Clients Choose a Type of Granite Slab in the GTA  - What is the Difference Between Granite and Marble, Anyway?

There’s no doubt that granite and marble go hand-in-hand for those looking for decadent touches in their home renovations. Both can increase the value of your client’s home, but there are differences that may impact the practicality of living with marble instead of granite.
Both offer a rainbow of colours. Marble offers that distinct feeling of luxury with its unmistakable patterns while granite offers stately elegance with its depth.
Granite has some advantages over marble, especially if your client is renovating the kitchen. It’s not as porous as marble so it’s less likely to stain. Just seal it once a year and it will be stain-resistant. If your client is worried that remembering the right time for resealing will be tough, let them know about specially formulated granite cleaners that contain small amounts of sealant. These cleaners are meant for everyday use, so they will keep the granite slab sealed and looking its best.
Granite also has the benefit of being one of the hardest stones. You’re more likely to dull your knife than to scratch the granite—although a cutting board is still recommended to be safe. It also doesn’t have marble’s weakness to acidic liquids and foods. Even when you wipe up wine or orange juice right away, it can pit or stain marble. Granite is a good countertop for families with small children, as well as wine and soda drinkers.

Advantages of Granite Slabs

There is a wide variety of granite slabs available since Toronto and the surrounding area is a hot renovation and construction market.
Encourage your clients to go and actually pick out their granite slabs in person. Using a whole slab creates an unimpaired view of the lustrous beauty and depth of the granite.
If the renovation calls for tiles, it’s still worth your client’s while to choose a granite slab and have a GTA fabricator cut it to order. This offers an advantage over pre-packaged tiles, which may be from multiple slabs. Using the same slab keeps any gradations in the pattern flowing naturally so you can still see the beauty of the granite. Your client can also avoid subtle changes in colour that can occur between different slabs.
Reassure your client that the granite will keep its spectacular colour for decades, unlike other natural stones which may fade or discolour over time.
Helping clients choose a type of granite slab in the GTA , especially if your clients are looking to sell their home, granite can help increase a home’s value since it’s a popular and decadent choice. Home renovations across the GTA have incorporated beautiful granite slabs into their designs to enhance home beauty and add to the potential sale value.